Just to name a few, here are some of the new features of the HautePress template updates 2-1 and 2-2:

  • Threaded comment replies added. Yay!
  • Streamlined design and coding throughout along with subtle changes to (border sizes/colors and what not)
  • Added official twitter sharing button, facebook sharing button and G+ sharing buttons to each post
  • Fixed top linkbar / PageList widget to allow any number of links, neatly wrapping to a new line when necessary. Previously links were limited to only what could fit in horizontally, otherwise they would overlap unsightly, which was a drawback especially considering the various resolution sizes 
  • Organized and added new options to the Template editor for customizing fonts and colors
  • Replaced the previous image-dependent search feature with a new HTML and CSS only search feature. Colors options for the search have also been added to the template editor
  • Fixed settings for the header widget. Adding a header image using the header widget on the layouts tab is now much more efficient. Settings for adding an image to display behind the title and description, and the setting to have an image instead of the title and description should perform correctly, and the setting to have description display after the image only requires one additional edit to the template code in order to display correctly, in the case that any editing is necessary at all.


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